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Over the past 10+ years my full time job has been a CMM (co-ordinate measuring machine) Programmer. Although I have worked mostly in automotive. I have also worked in the military, medical, commercial and in 3rd party inspection.

I have used a wide range of machines and software. I have worked with regular granite table CMM's, gantry style CMMs and arm type like the Faro or Stinger.

In terms of software I consider myself to be an expert at PC-DMIS. I have also used plenty other software throughout my career. Calypso, Cosmos, Geomeasure, Cam2Measure, PCDMIS portable, U-Soft and Virtual DMIS pretty much cover them all. I would think by now that i should be able to become proficient with any software package within a few weeks.

With years of experience; working with talented CMM Programmers i have established a method to my measurements. In a nutshell i treat each measurement like an experiment. With the most crucial aspect being error; or not adding error. I always keep in mind what actions or programming procedures are best for each situation, or each measurement. Here are a few common ones that can be used in any measurement: part setup, probe calibration, approach vector and rounding error.

When your goal is measuring microns, it is your job to know exactly, and to be confident in your results. For me this means not only looking into bad results trying to understand where potential problems are. But to also test your method on other calibrated instruments to ensure what you thought was not adding error, is in fact not adding error. 

I usually start by asking myself what is the goal. The goal could range from measuring to the micron, or it could be measure many parts quickly to the quarter inch. With this being said, my approach depends on what is expected. So the method used could include acclimatizing parts for 24h, or setting up a makeshift fixture to run a part every 30 seconds.

Onsite CMM Training

I am available in the evenings for training. I am more proficient in some software's' over others but generally all CMM software works the same. I am definitely able to teach anyone my way of going about measurements. I am also good at excel, data page and stepahead.

Contact Information:

Mark Pescador
416 616 7707

21 Brill Court Stouffville
9th line and Hoover Park

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