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Markham Wifi Networking

Wifi or wireless networking is very popular these days. Households have a demand for wireless networks for their computers including laptops, palmtop's. For game consoles and for 3g network devices like blackberries or iPhones.

With there being so many different hardware standards, and devices it is sometime very difficult to get home networks configures. Add in WEP or WPA security and your routers firewall. Tricky is an understatement.

Don't worry, I have experience with all forms of wire and wifi networking. I can setup your networked computers to share files, printers or other devices. I have experience with 98, XP, Vista, Linux and MAC.

For those who prefer to have their network wired only, I am able to fish networking cable in walls, thru floors, and behind baseboards. I can also fish your home audio wires and wall mount flat screen TVs.

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