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If you are looking for a simple website for your small business or a database driven CMS, you have come to the right place. I started making websites in the days of html 2. Now website design is generally done in HTML with CSS or PHP with CSS or with a CMS like wordpress or joomla. Sounds confusing, well it is. Give us a call and we can work thru your budget to make something that will bring in the hits.

Website Design and Search Engine Ranking

Having years of experience designing, coding and marketing websites. Not only do we know what to do to get your website at the top of the search engines. We know what not to do.

I have added my search engine optomization to many companies websites in the past with different results. Alot of this has to do with the choices which were made at design time. The best way to put it is that 'I cannot undo the poor seo related choices which were made before we were hired to promote the site'.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is something that I have been doing since I figured out its importance on the web. I have been working on a couple sites and their search engine ranking. Chances are you found this site thru Google. My ranking under 'Markham computer repair' or 'Stouffville computer repair' says it all. With my new expanded service area, I will be positioning my website under more search criteria.

A good website push puts your site in all the major search engines, local databases, on maps, and on classifieds sites like Kijijji or craigslist.

Most host services offer information on where your web traffic is coming from. What search engines people are using to find your site, which search terms, and even where they are located. We can evaluate all this information and use it to our advantage.

Get your FREE search engined optimized Website

When it comes to the search engines, and search engine optimiztion things do not happen overnight. It sometimes takes months to get pages on the first or second pages of search results. Customers generally want results quickly after paying for a service. This IS reasonable, but not necessary feasible on the search engine optimizer end.

Becaue of this, we have developed a payment method where the customer pays only if we provide results. What we do is agree on a sets of keywords; and when those keyword combonations result in your site at the top spot, you pay XXX$. Top Three: XXX$ and first page XX$. We will go as far as creating a site which you will be prowd of, which will have the content you wish to display to your customers, and most importantly: will be designed with search engine optimization in mind.

Could your Search Engine Optimization
ruin my website?

This is a question which I am asked frequently. Some site which I have done search engine optimizations on i would consider delicate. The companies have spend lots of money developing data bases or have back ends with confidential information. Or just do not want someone poking around their server. In these cases, what we have done was create a directory within the public_html, this directory would have limited user permissions (as to not affect the rest of the site), and from within that area our search engine optimization would be done.

Email me at info@bulletproofyourpc.ca and we talk more specifically on how we can get your site hits.


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