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Markham Virus Removal Service

Virus's these days are very crafty and embed themselves deep in your operating systems. They replicate, rename themselves and transmit to remote sources. They come from malicious webpage code, non-firewalled computers and from downloading music and movies.

Markham Spyware Removal

When you have popups, your computer is doing weird things, or just plain slow... you have a virus or spyware. Viruses and spyware can be just an annoying popup, make your computer reboot endlessly or worse, physically destroy your hardware.

Whatever the case is, BulletproofyourPC can help! Some Viruses may be easily removed onsite in an hour or two. But it is from years of experience, that removing a couple viruses either has an adverse effect on the operating system or leave the gates open for more viruses and spyware.

Contact Information:

Mark Pescador
416 616 7707

21 Brill Court Stouffville
9th line and Hoover Park

Markham Stouffville Map

Directions from Markham:

- Markham Road, Hwy 48,
  or 9th Line North
- Right at Hoover Park Dr
      (at the Stop Lights)
- Right at Brill Court
(First Right past Laneway)

** If you pass the tracks
you have gone to far **

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