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Markham Custom Recovery DVD

Have you tried to use system restore after a bad crash only to find out that 'Your system cannot be restored to a previous state! No changes have been made"?

Have you used the recovery CDs given by the manufacturer of your desktop or laptop and with found that it installed bloatware and numerous crapware programs which slow down your computer? How do you decide what to install without ruining Windows?

BulletproofyourPC can help, I can create a recovery dvd for your computer that returns your computer to the exact same state, no matter how bad a crash. All you have to do is bring your computer in when it is setup just right... and we take an image of it.

I have all my computers imaged, I do it after I installed and setup it just the way I like it. I am constantly playing around with new software and different operating systems. And when something goes wrong, (and it will) I am able to return to a previous working state. With all my software installed, with my email and drivers and whatever else that took effort to get just right... just right!

Aside from hardware problems, this could well be your last trip to the computer technicians bench.

Contact Information:

121 Richard Coulson Cres
Markham - Stouffville

Markham Stouffville Map


Directions from Markham:

- North on 9th Line
- Right at Hoover Park Dr
    (at the Stop Lights)
- Right on Reeves Way
- Right on Richard Underhill
    (at turn-around)
- Left on Hiram Johnson
- Left on Richard Coulson

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