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Replacing Windows Vista with XP

I have had allot of requests in the past year or so by clients who purchased a new computer and are having issues with MS Vista. There is definitely some glitches, but really anything new is going to have some bugs to work out. I have been testing the new MS System 7 (which is based off of Vista) and it is going to be a winner!

If you are like me, a die hard XP fan, no worries; we can put XP on a computer which you purchased at your local department store. Just like anytime we do any repairs or re-installs, we are able to save all your personal files.

Installing windows XP does require a purchased copy of Windows XP; which you can buy thru BulletproofyourPC or purchase on your own.

   Linux on your Desktop or Laptop

There are many Linux distributions which work just as well (or better) then XP or Vista. These are generally FREE and BulletproofyourPC would only charge for the installation. Check out more about Linux on our Linux Install page


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