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Markham Computer Upgrades

Upgrading a computer is very common. When you purchase an OEM computer from the local department store they are usually designed for regular computer users. If you want to do CAD or play high end games, it is necessary to upgrade RAMM or video cards. We will work together to find a cost effective solution.

Compatibility is always an issue, we have many years experience customizing computers for use with CAD and for gamers. We can work within your budget to get the best bang for the buck. If price is not a concern, I can always build you a computer from scratch; using components that will allow for later expansion or upgrading.

Upgrading your Motherboard and CPU

Upgrading your motherboard and CPU without re-inatalling the OS comes with a whole set of challenges; although tricky it is possible to do without losing your current Operating System. You may have spent a long time customizing Windows or have sofware you purchased from the internet that cannot be replaces and do not want to re-install. For whatever reason, if you want to upgrade your computer without a reinstall, BulletproofyourPC can do it.

Custom made Desktop PC's

For customer who just want the best fastest gaming computer out there; you have come to the right place. Making a Gaming and CAD desktop computer has to be one of the most exciting parts of my job. When price is not an object, but speed and durability is! BulletproofyourPC has the experience with all the major brands to make you an uber system.

Contact Information:

121 Richard Coulson Cres
Markham - Stouffville

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Directions from Markham:

- North on 9th Line
- Right at Hoover Park Dr
    (at the Stop Lights)
- Right on Reeves Way
- Right on Richard Underhill
    (at turn-around)
- Left on Hiram Johnson
- Left on Richard Coulson

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