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Markham Desktop PC Repair

These days computer repair is anything from replacing a power supply hit by a power surge, to removing a nasty virus. I have over 20 years experience trouble shooting computer problems. I have experience with all sorts of hardware and software, and can definitely find a solution to your computer problems.

Backup, Format & Re-installing Windows

By backing up and re-installing windows I will guarantee all virus will be removed; even viruses embeded in the boot sector of your hard drive. This will make your computer run like the day it was purchased.

I backup your whole computer to a remote location, scan it for viruses and put back you files after the install. I am able to save and restore your music, pictures, web site links, emails and anything important to you. I keep the mirror of your computer for two months or so, just in case you realized after a month that you needed some other files, emails. Just call me and I will burn it on a cd or email them to you. The key here is "NO DATA LOSS"

Bulletproofing of a PC

The way I go about virus protection is to NOT allow viruses and other malware to be able to affect your computer. Traditionally you have virus protection and it works by removing a virus after your computer is infected.

I setup your computer to eliminate the virus attach points, and limit the opportunities they have to infect your computer. This along with a good antivirus and safe surfing habits, this should eliminate any chance of future infection.

Stouffville, Markham and Richmond Hill
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Contact Information:

Mark Pescador
416 616 7707

21 Brill Court Stouffville
9th line and Hoover Park

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Directions from Markham:

- Markham Road, Hwy 48,
  or 9th Line North
- Right at Hoover Park Dr
      (at the Stop Lights)
- Right at Brill Court
(First Right past Laneway)

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