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Markham Data Recovery

Damaged drives come with all different issues. For the most part if you computers hard drive is making ticking noises or is getting extremely hot. It is time to drop everything and have a Data recovery technician take a look before its too late. We can recover data, files and pictures from crashed drives. We can recover data files and photos from drives with corrupted or no partition tables. Let us give you a FREE evaluation!

Markham Photo and Picture Recovery

Well it is not too late, there are always methods to recover files and photos from a dead drive. Or a drive which is not functioning correctly or has had crucial elements like the partition table corrupted. For a majority of the issues which these drives have, we can recover some or all your pictures from damaged drives. In the past we have recovered family photos from a computer which had been formatted, and windows reinstalled.

Windows, Macintosh and Linux Data Recovery

With years of experience not only with Microsoft Windows FAT or NTFS, we can recovery your files and photos from many different computers. Macintosh computers use the HFS and HFS+ file system. We can recover data from these file systems. As bulletproofyourpc.ca does support UNIX type operating systems; we are able to recover data from android and linux devices. NAS and media servers are generally linux builds using the ext2 ext3 ext4 or journaling file systems. So we can recover your files and family photos from your NAS. Even if the issue is a corrupted RAID configuration

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Mark Pescador
416 616 7707

21 Brill Court Stouffville
9th line and Hoover Park

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Directions from Markham:

- Markham Road, Hwy 48,
  or 9th Line North
- Right at Hoover Park Dr
      (at the Stop Lights)
- Right at Brill Court
(First Right past Laneway)

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