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I have been working on computer since I was 13, making little programs in BASIC. Now 35 I have seen many generations of computers. I have personally owned a Vic 20, Apple, Apple II, an i286, an Apple Macintosh G3 and countless i386, i486 and i586s.

My current repertoire consists of: 1) AMD 3200 Desktop with XP/Ubuntu, 2) Dell inspiron 6400 with XP Home/ Ubuntu/ Slackware. 3) An old Toshiba Satellite with missing keys duck taped to my treadmill 4) Lastly a IBM Thinkpad with no battery (this will be the treadmill backup) ... and a Dell Inspiron 2400 i have for sale!

I am self trained technology expert, A+ Certified, and I have a Diploma in Graphic Design from George Brown College. I worked for years in Graphic Arts, and worked as a web designer when people were saying "Internet... just a fad... it will pass". That’s when I started what is now called a SEO or Search Engine Optimizer. I left design totally for work in automotive manufacturing where I setup and ran EDM and Jig Grinders. I also started a career as a CMM programmer (Coordinated Measuring Machine).

Throughout my life the one thing that was always there was computers. I love them, I love the challenges, and the possibilities they bring.

... Which brings me to today ...

Today I pass my days as a quality inspector. I repair computers, make graphics, push web sites in the search engines in my spare time. When I am not changing diapers, playing ice hockey or getting hurt in Judo, I am learning.

I have been learning electronics and automation via courses from George Brown and Seneca College. I also am playing around with security and fire alarms. CCTV camera and yes Linux! (my wife has gone crazy twice over now with me saying ok... i got it this time.. for sure... honey come see... If it was easy it wouldn't be a challenge)

... And now for my Vision! ...

My vision is to work with every day consumer electronics and integrate them together. An example is to have your CCTV cameras record to your PVR and have them viewable via the internet. Another possibility is to be able to call your home while on vacation, and turn on/off lights to simulate occupancy. This stuff does exist, but i want to do it... its cool!

Today I work with a web designer, and electrical engineer and a hard core programmer and am able to offer the ultimate in online applications. We are currently working on an automated system to push sites in the search engines. The system we are creating combines my years and years of web promotion experience with a slick back-end programmed by my friend who also does our web hosting.

Your valuable data is safe with me, I backup all the computers before I work on them.


Mark Pescador    

Contact Information:

Mark Pescador
121 Richard Coulson Cres
Markham - Stouffville

Markham Stouffville Map


Directions from Markham:

- North on 9th Line
- Right at Hoover Park Dr
    (at the Stop Lights)
- Right on Reeves Way
- Right on Richard Underhill
    (at turn-around)
- Left on Hiram Johnson
- Left on Richard Coulson


Directions from Keswick:

- South on #48
- South on York-Durham
- South on Tenth Line
- Left on Hoover Park Dr
    (at the Stop Lights)
- Right on Reeves Way
    (at turn-around)
- Left on Hiram Johnson
- Right on Richard Coulson


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